by They Call It Chaos

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Reuben Young - Drums, Backing Vocals
Hannah Mcalpine - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mark Young - Guitars, Backing Vocals
John Gorzalczynski - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Brandon Barkway - Main Vocals

Demo EP Release


released March 31, 2018

Music Written and Produced By They Call It Chaos
All Lyrics By Brandon Barkway
Mixed and Mastered By Reuben Young
2018 TCIC Music


all rights reserved



They Call It Chaos Niagara Falls, Ontario

Formed Jan 2017 in Niagara Falls, ON. Canada

Brandon Barkway - Main Vocals
Hannah McAlpine - Bass Guitars, & Backing vocals
John Gorzalczynski - Guitars, & Backing Vocals
Mark Young - Guitars, & Backing Vocals
Reuben Young - Drums, & Backing Vocals
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Track Name: Bakunin's Boots
I'll ask the shoemaker for his opinion when the holes in my boots are leaving my feet soaking wet, because laws banning shoe-holes are really no use if I can't afford to buy a new pair yet. Every law that you make creates a criminal. Every law that I break labels me as one. When authority is involuntary, it loses all appeal. Experts I can't ignore can't help at all. As long as there is a law, it'll always be a crime to be broke and survive in this life. As long as there is a law protecting me, there's always somebody else I'm gonna owe.
Track Name: Big Bag O Bags
You're the bigger plastic bag with all the little bags inside. Been stuck inside that cupboard every single fuckin' night. Noone wants to use you, just stay right where you are every day. And every night stay hidden in the dark. Then one Thursday evening, ran out of garbage bags. You're waiting, in the cupboard, to do something with your life. Stuffed you full of trash, but you split open on the floor. Regressive stagnation. Self-sabotage. You're a big bag o' bags. You're nothing. You're nothing but a big bag o' bags.
Track Name: Checkmate
Let the hungry eat the rich. We can cook the fat cat for a dinner dish. Hate the rich like the rich hate the poor, feed off our labour taking more and more. Make yourself rich; create the poor. But you'll take no more, 'cause we're not taking anymore. Unchanging. You stay the same and you same things over and again. Unchanging. It's all the same and you say the same things. But we've had enough of it. Scrambling to keep the masses pacified. They will try to divide until we won't rise we'll just survive. They feel so clever when they toss us scraps; so confident that they can keep our rage at bay. Speak with your voice, but they'll plug their ears. So speak with your fists and stuff them in their gears. 'Cause we have a choice: we can cut the strings. No longer puppets. Down with kings. Let the hungry eat the rich. We gotta eat. We're taking over the factories.
Track Name: Workplace Democracy
Leaving opportunities behind. Got fired again for speaking my mind. Is there someplace out there, a place where I might even be welcomed in with opens arms even though I set off your alarms every time I open up my mouth to speak? I need a workplace democracy, where I can do the work that I agree to and noone threatens to throw me off the street. I need a workplace democracy where I'll be standing in solidarity. We are the workers, and we're standing on our feet. Our blood, and our sweat, built this world. It's time to unite. Let's take it back. We'll make shelves and stuff for Walmart, hide our info on their shopping carts. And when they drive their workers away, they'll know exactly where to turn to find a workplace democracy.

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